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Berni Alexandrou; Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Counsellor

Improve the quality of your life.

Weight Loss and body image

Food is necessary for our survival, as well as the emotional and physical support we get from it, so it can be as strong an addiction as any drug. But you can, with help, take back the control you want to have with eating, be it over– or under eating.

There's no miracles for unrealistic goals but hypnotherapy can help you make the changes and achieve your realistic goals. For example using relaxation to reduce the stress so that the stress hormones that also increase appetite are reduced. Hypnotherapy allows you to use focused deep awareness and visualisation to really see your food and enjoy it. If you engage your brain to work with you, you’re more likely to be able to sustain the changes you make.

You can also use deep inner awareness breathing exercises to focus you on foods you want to eat and stop the stuff you don't want to eat.

Also, look at your dietary needs and medical needs. Ask the correct questions and make sure you seek the advice from your GP before you make any radical changes.